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Mediumship Mentorship

If you are on the fence about taking this course, this is your sign to sign up. Meeting with Michelle multiple times a week, being able to message her anytime, and then putting in practice in real time (on a schedule) was what I needed. That structure, even if the lessons conform to where you are at that day, really pays off dividends.

Therapy session

AMBER S. "Lawyer"

I first met Michelle about four years ago when I stumbled into her shop (then in Slidell, LA), after months of looking at it online but being too scared to go in, during a Tarot & Tea event. You drank some tea and Michelle read your tarot cards while you sat on a comfy couch in a relaxed environment. Now, let me tell yall, I am a very logical person by nature and by profession. I was blown away by the accuracy of Michelle’s reading, but more so by her sincerity and kind soul. Needless to say I kept going back to Mystic Bayou for chakra light bed therapy, Reiki healing, aura photography, mediumship galleries…. You name it. Always skeptical at first, eventually I learned to trust myself and listen to Michelle’s guidance.


Fast forward to this year when I decided it was time to use who I already deemed as a mentor and friend, as an actual mentor to help guide me with my gifts. I had never done a course for mediumship and honestly I didn’t even know if I should sign up. In my mind’s eye I thought mediumship was for talking to ghosts. I wasn’t able to do that (or so I thought).


What I loved about the mentorship under Michelle was that it met you where you were. Meaning I showed up to “class” (an easy to schedule Zoom call with Michelle at my convenience and schedule) as I was in my practice. Truth be told all I had been doing was noticing certain sensations in my body, praying on and off, and I had picked up a random book to talk to animals. Michelle was the one to set the lessons for the 6 week course and really point me in the right direction for that moment in time. It wasn’t “Ok I am going to teach you how to talk to a parrot”. It was “Ok today I am going to do some activities, teach you a little history lesson on what we are doing, and then practice it.”


Michelle taught me how to trust my gut and my instincts and not be afraid to just me who I am. This course really did change my life. Of course we touched on cornerstones like the different types of abilities, but she also taught me about meditation which wasn’t some far off zen-like state on a mountain. It was real and attainable right in my office. I noticed myself picking up on signs during walks, drives, and showers. My connection to spirit, my guides, and my self were strengthened and quite honestly, it was like the flood gates opened for me. I become much more peaceful knowing that this energy surrounds us and Michelle taught me how to protect myself in practice (meaning we only practice in love, light, and healing). Daily prayer and mediation is now part of who I am and as a life-long sufferer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, it truly does help. This course really helped me understand who I am and what I am capable of, mentally, physically, and spiritually.