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Women Who Run With The wolves

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Momen who Run with the Wolves

Join Jen Drinkard at Mystic Bayou & Sanctuary for 16 months of sacred sisterhood!
For one Sunday a month, for 16 months, we will join in sacred sisterhood. This is a group for healing wounds, a group for sharing stories with your sisters of Mississippi. 
This is a group for finding your True Self in the presence of trust, love, respect, affection, and care.
This is an initiation into what it means to be a woman.
No matter where you are on the journey.... maiden, mother, or crone.
There are stories and experiences that are universal. We will explore those experiences and heal the broken parts of ourselves that never had space to integrate without guidance and initiation.
We will use or (work) book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, as well as questions that Jen brings to the group for us to workshop each month. These questions are to help guide the group in their healing. Jen is a holistic practitioner in the field of mental health and will guide us in our practice of exploring our own narratives around wounds, healing, and womanhood.
Mystic Sanctuary will provide the beautiful sacred container for our process.

Expect to get to know your fellow sisters intimately, to see your journey, reflected in their eyes. To know true understanding and togetherness. To work through messiness that comes with doing your deep work. To understand that women together are a powerful and sacred presence instead of a competitive negative exchange.

Remember who you are.
Join us, dear sister. We will speak of the unspeakable, of the parts of becoming a woman that are not always discussed elsewhere.
This is a sacred and special offering! will you join us? 

Guidelines for Confidentiality and Commitment: 
Because the group is such a sacred and necessary part of this experience, we ask that if you decide to join us, that you commit to coming until the workshop is complete, narrowing your missed group sessions to less than 3, if possible. You'll also be required to sign an NDA for the confidentiality of the group.

The first Hoop (gathering) will be on October 9TH, 2022. You will be expected to have read the first chapter by then. SIGN UP CLOSES on September 25th for this HOOP! That's the last day to sign up! 

We will be offering AfterPay for this workshop 
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Facilitated by: Jen Drinkard M.A.

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