• Paul 

    Astrology Readings

    Astrology 101 with Paul Heath Hosted by Mystic Bayou

    Join us and ask Paul questions about astrology Paul will also be offering free mini astrology reading!

    I am Paul. When I reflect back on my life, I was always interested in astrology. I would read my daily horoscope in the newspaper every day and often wonder, “how do they know?”

    One day I was told I am a “cusp of beauty” because my birthday was the last day of Virgo. I went home to research what cusp of beauty meant. My curiosity soared when finding out the meaning. I didn’t realize that I had just begun the journey of “Know Thyself.” Learning how to read my natal chart I acquired the skills to assist others with deciphering their own chart-energy. Astrology has helped me understand and accept me for who I am. Though still a work in progress, knowing about myself is surely making the process easier. I enjoy helping others (Virgo Sun) with the information I have gathered (Gemini Rising) that will help transform lives (Scorpio Moon) in a positive way. I look forward to meeting and working with you as we embark on your journey. 

    Paul offers :

    Birth Chart Readings: $ 150

    Astrology readings: $60

    Couples Readings: $170

    If you would like to book an appointment with Paul, Please email: for details

  • Misty

    Oracle Card Readings

    Hi everyone. My name is Misty Rhodes. I was raised on the bayou’s in South Louisiana. I’m married to a wonderful man who loves me for me! I have two beautiful, talented girls that are 16 years apart. (Crazy, I know). I’ve always known I was an empath. Growing up I had severe anxiety and depression. Recently, I decided to take control of my life. This led me to be more spiritual and curious. I’ve always been the one that people go to for help and advice. Through this wonderful journey I’ve learned I have a gift when it comes to reading Oracle Cards. I love helping people be the best they can possibly be.

    Misty offers 30 minute oracle card readings for $60

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