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Healing Stones

Gem Mining Sluice

Come to Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health and experience the RUSH, the same rush that Americans felt in the wild west as they panned for gold. Water rushes through a trough (known as a mining sluice), then you can use the specially designed sifting boxes to allow the water to uncover your riches. Each bag will be certain to have a good assortment of gemstones.


Once you finish uncovering what treasures your bag of rough mine material has in store for you, there is an identification chart that you can use to determine just how diverse and beautiful your bounty happens to be. This hands-on family activity is a great opportunity for the group to sort out the gems with the kids.


This is a great learning experience, that will lead to tons of fun. So, come feel the rush that our American Ancestors felt as they worked hard for the hope of finding just a few gems, here at Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health you are sure to find some beautiful gem every time.

How Gem Mining Works?

A gem mining sluice is a trough where water circulates repeatedly by means of a pump. The kids purchase a bag of mining rough enriched with gems and fossils. They take their bag to the sluice and sift through it. The water washes the sand away and what is left is all the pretty gems and fossils that they get to keep. Each “panner” also receives an identification brochure and a baggie to put their newfound collection so they can take it home and identify their new gems. 

This activity combines young people’s sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. Kids love identifying what they find. The best part is they keep everything they reveal. Every bag is different so it will be an activity they will want to repeat. 


No Appointment necessary

$9.50 per bag of gemstone rough

Identification pamphlet and plastic bag to carry your beautiful gemstones home

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