Guest Speakers

Presenter: Michele Beisler

Sunday, August 30th, 6:00 am – 7:00 am

Michele Beisler, a NASA Engineer, personal coach and Licensed Avatar Master, has 22 years of experience guiding people who want to make a positive difference in the world use the Avatar® Course exercises to change their limiting beliefs to transform their lives. She facilitates local workshops and travels the country empowering people from all over the world to create success in the art of living deliberately.


Join Michele as she offers insights on the most powerful forces that influence every aspect of your existence… your beliefs. You will learn techniques to identify limiting beliefs and strategies to help you decide what and how to deliberately believe to reach the goals you want to accomplish.

Presenter: Alice Landry Walter

Saturday August 29 th 11am-12:00pm

Alice is the owner of Earth Angel Wisdom. As a coach-consultant, she helps clients transform their

relationship with money using a holistic approach to wealth.

Join Alice as she teaches you how to wake up and activate your wealth in 4 dimensions. From the
mundane to the magikal, you will learn techniques and strategies to manage, attract, heal, and sustain

money flow.

Presenter: Alesia Smith-Modern Day Medium

Alesia Smith has worked as an Intuitive Medium for the past 20 years. She was born with this gift and

worked with it her entire life. She uses the assistance of your spirit guides and loved ones to help clarify

upcoming events in your life path. Future events are always affected by your choices, but by utilizing the

information from the other side you can better navigate your experiences. She works with photos,

personal belongings, keepsakes or just the subtle energy emanating from you.


She has attended mediumship workshops from James Van Praagh in New York, Tony Stockwell and

Mavis Patilla. For this workshop Alesia will begin the session with an introduction to Mediumship. She will explain how Spirit works with insights into the clairs. Then provide a demonstration and follow up with questions and answers. This will be a fast paced and insightful activity for you to get a glimpse into the workings of

Mediumship. All ages and levels are welcome

Presenter: Julie Church

Julie has a background in law enforcement as well as bodywork and is a master reiki practitioner. She is currently finishing up her masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and believes in a holistic approach when healing emotional wounds.

Julie will present on the topic trauma and its connection to the vagus nerve. She will discuss signs of
unhealed trauma and how it affects the body in addition how movement can aid in healing.


Presenter: Tiffany Kidder

Tiffany will be providing Sound Therapy and Meditation Tiffany resonates all things beauty she is a hair
stylist by trade and has accreditation in sound therapy using Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls from

Meditate School of Mindfulness in Florida

In a quest to heal her own suffering she found sound healing therapy. It is her passion to bring
education, awareness, and availability for sound therapy. She is immensely honored to share this

practice of Love

Take an expansive journey inward as you are bathed in the healing vibrations of the Himalayan and

Crystal singing bowls; emerge feeling restored and deeply connected.

Presenter: Eric Schwefel

Eric is the owner of Schwefel Strength and Performance. His mission is to wake people up to the Power
they have within themselves. Whether with physical training, nutrition, or energy work, we work

together to bring about the change you desire

Speaking Nutrition:

You will learn the basics of the nutrition to help you build a solid foundation.


Speaking Linguistics:

The way we speak says a lot about us. Thoughts become feelings which become works and behaviors. In
order to create and manifest, we must have our thoughts, words, and actions aligned. Learning this will

bring a transformation from a victim mentality to a creator consciousness.


Presenter: Joey Denton

Joey is an owner at Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained

Minister, martial art instructor including Qigong, Tai chi, and Kundalini Yoga

Joey is also a sound bath technician, Stellar Waves crystal light therapy bed technician and Himalayan

salt therapist as well as psychic intuitive who enjoys reading oracle cards

Joey will be demonstrating Kundalini Yoga and the importance of body movement and breathing

techniques to reach your higher self

Chakra Balancing & Grounding

Presenter: Michelle Denton

Michelle is an owner at Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health, a Reiki Master/Teacher, ordained
minister, sound, color and frequency practitioner, Himalayan salt technician, chakra balancing
technician, stellar wave crystal light therapy bed technician and psychic intuitive, who uses her gift of

insight to help as well as teach others

Michelle will discuss chakra demonstrate chakra testing and balancing as well as have a discussion on
the importance of grounding in our crazy world to help relieve stress and feelings of chaos