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We have moved to a smaller location and will continue to provide services.

Starting May 29th, you will be able to book your appointments by texting or calling: 228-671-6519


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Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

This is a video clip from a TV show that we are being featured on... More details to come...

Find your inner peace at Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health

When you are looking for a natural, spiritual approach to improving your health; you've come to the right place. Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health focuses on improving the lives of people and pets with holistic modalities that include sound and frequency therapy, color therapy and Energy Medicine such as Reiki. We take a natural, compassionate approach to treating our clients. With our therapies, we can help balance mind, body, and spirit to help achieve optimal health.


Chakra Testing & Balancing


Oxygen Bar Therapy

Crystal Light Therapy


Aura Cloud 3D Pro Imaging


Jade & Tourmaline Bio Mat

Reiki Treatment
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