AndyLynn's Pure Elderberry Syrup 4 Ounce


Andi Lynn’s Organic PURE Elderberry Syrup recipe is a potent, handcrafted formula with certified organic Black Elderberry juice, certified organic honey, and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and anthocyanins. PURE Elderberry offers you an effective and great-tasting source of a daily dose of health!

PURE Elderberry Syrup Ingredients

Our PURE Elderberry Syrup is a delicious organic blend which includes organic honey, filtered water, zero chemical preservatives and organic herbs which have long been used to help support seasonal health.

Organic PURE Elderberry Syrup is Family Friendly

Kids ages 2 and up love the taste of our PURE Elderberry Syrup. Add it to breakfast smoothies, homemade gummy candy, tasty lemonade, and more!


Benefits of Pure Black Elderberries

  • Superior Immune Support
  • Multi-Defense Formula
  • Antioxidant Power
  • Potent & Pure
  • Kid-Friendly Formula
  • Great tasting syrup




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AndyLynn's Pure Elderberry Syrup 4 Ounce

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