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Meet Michelle

Seven Chakras

The founder of Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health is Michelle . Michelle is a gifted and natural-born empath , intuitive  and medium who uses her gift to help give people insight into different situations. Michelle has been aware of her ability since an early age. At first, this caused her to have terrible anxiety and panic attacks.  These attacks later subsided as she worked with a neighbor who helped her nurture her gift at the very young age of 6 years old. Her neighbor (Betty) introduced her to the metaphysical world which included dream dictionaries and other books that centered on the spiritual and all things metaphysical . These publications covered  chakras, hypnosis, alternative medicine, energy healing, aromatherapy, life after death, and the paranormal activity.

Reiki Master / Energy Practioner/ Tapping Masterclass Certified

                                                                       Michelle radiates truth and integrity in all of her work. She uses her abilities to help individuals . In addition to her gift, Michelle is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner and she uses these skills to help her clients in person and even remotely as well as teach others the practice of Reiki. Rieki is a complimentary energy medicine that can include touch therapy  (can also be done without touch) it relieves stress and pain and improve symptoms of varioushealth conditions. Michelle helps people to understand that where their mind goes , their blood and flesh follow.

Testimonials : About Reiki instuction:

*Michelle is a wonderful reiki teacher. I learned so much taking her class. I also loved all of the reading materials and resources she gave us. Rachel E. 10/2018

*I have had the honor of taking both Reiki I and II classes with Mrs. Michelle and Mr. Joey, and I had an amazing experience! The entire class was filled with useful information that I was able to learn easily and you went above and beyond by providing us with binders of information to take home. I couldn't have asked for better teachers and couldn't recommend better class to take, or better people to learn from. Thank you for the amazing classes and for giving me the information and skills to take my best foot forward in life! Morgan T. 10/2018

Besides being an empath and medium, Michelle wears many other hats. She is an ordained minister, a certified medical assistant, and a certified phlebotomist. After dealing with the loss of her two son's, she studied grief counseling and became certified to be able helps other parents deal with loss effectively. She has the knowledge and compassion that is needed to guide them through the grieving process. As a Minister Michelle is a spiritual coach and is willing to help guide you through difficult circumstances and decision making with the respect, empathy and compassion that you deserve. Michelle is also available to Officiate your wedding.

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Putting Her Intuition to Use

As an Energy Practitioner Michelle uses her training to help clear blocked energy in a persons body that can cause issues such as physical pain, emotional pain, depression , insomnia etc.

Michelle enjoys helping clients connect with their vibrations (frequencies) and to do this, she  offers oracle card readings, where she uses the cards as a tool. This practice has been used for many years. Whether you call them angel, animal, or spirit guide cards, they all  help a reader with their intuition. They allow Michelle to open up and use her abilities properly. 

Michelle has had training and developement over the years  from the following mentors  :  Stellar Waves, Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, Micheal Beckwith, Donna Eden, Richard Fiallo, Herbal Academy,  and more  as she continues to learn and grow.

Media Recognition

Shortly after going public with her gift of intution and insight, Michelle was contacted by A&E. The television network was looking for men and women with special abilities to showcase on a television program. She didn't feel it was for her higher good  and declined the offer. Michelle has always felt Divinely Directed and continues to try to live her life in a way that will honor her boys and her two daughters. 

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