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Joey and Michelle would have many paths to follow before the Universe would let them cross paths. We each had a rough journey ahead of us on our life path, that would make us tests ourselves and our beliefs. We both experienced losses that we still carry today. They had the chance to destroy us or make us stronger. We both chose the make us stronger path as we can talk about it now to help others. We were still on separate paths experiencing success and failures still following our paths. The universe brought us together. It would be a little later that Michelle was shown the Crystal light therapy bed that started our journey with Mystic Bayou Holistic and Alternative Health. Michelle and Joey radiate truth and integrity in all their work. They use their knowledge to help others.



Michelle is a gifted and natural-born empath, intuitive and medium who uses her gift to help give people insight into different situations. Michelle has been aware of her ability since an early age. At first, this caused her to have terrible anxiety and panic attacks. These attacks later subsided as she worked with a neighbor who helped her nurture her gift at the incredibly young age of 6 years old. Her neighbor (Betty) introduced her to the metaphysical world which included dream dictionaries and other books that centered on the spiritual and all things metaphysical. These publications covered chakras, hypnosis, alternative medicine, energy healing, aromatherapy, life after death, and the paranormal activity. Michelle is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Crystal Singing Bowl Technician, Crystal Light Therapy Technician and Intuitive Development Teacher.



Joey started his journey in 1974 with Martial Arts. As he got older, he started studying different styles of Martial Arts (Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Isshinryu, Tai Chi to name a few) discovering how to build up Chi and learning deep meditations. Later in the 80s he would discover in a tournament where he saw his friend get hurt and the instructor went over to his friend and did some hand movements and applied some ointment to his friends injured site and for lack of better words healed him, so he was able to finish the competition.

At this point is when Joey started learning about plant medicine and the way energy flows through the body. With intent and focus, he can help others. The more he studied the more he was awoken to other rabbit holes which lead him on a journey to become an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Therapy Technician, Crystal Singing Bowl Technician, Chakra Testing and Balancing, Deep Breath work and most recently to Falun Dafa also known as Falan Gong. Joey is knowledgeable in Aroma Therapy and also an intuitive.


Our Team


Donna B.
Reiki Practitioner

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my bio. 

My name is Donna (lady). I am a Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius, Capricorn rising, Moon in Pisces and my life number is 9. I share this information about myself so that it might shed some light on my personality. I love nature, animals and honesty and sincerity are important to me. I'm also an advocate for the use of plant medicines. 

Being trained in both Shamanic Reiki Level one by Maria A. Lanier, and Traditional USUI Reiki, Level 1 and 2 by Michelle and Joey Denton. I am developing a practice that incorporates both. If you chose me as your Reiki practitioner, here is a bit of what you will experience. Prior to your arrival, I will sit in meditation and gratitude with your questioner.  Once you are on the table, I will also incorporate angel tuning forks and some brief drumming to assist in clearing and bringing in positive energy. After your session, if you would like, you can pull an oracle card for a brief reading. 


Nutritional Supplements Specialist

Kitty Baudoin Craig is a Louisiana Singer Band Leading Vitamin and Supplement educator for over 28 years,working with  Industry leading national brands Blue Bonnet,Nordic Naturals,Host Defense, Vitality Works, Newton Homeopathics, LA's finest CBD Cypress Hemp.... the list goes on and on.

Kitty believes that we are all vessels that need to be nourished by the wind,sea,earth and air and what nature brings to our tables.

*Kitty will be at Mystic Bayou once a month discussing supplements; watch our events page to find her dates


Reiki Practitioner

Karl Lepine was born and raised in Louisiana and moved to Georgia to pursue employment opportunities in Accounting and Finance in the late 90’s. After many years of dealing with stress and anxiety, he began a journey of discovery on many spiritual and metaphysical subjects. His study and meeting with leaders in these fields gives him unique insights into the human condition and the nature of reality. He shares these insights with his clients to allow them to open themselves to endless possibilities.

He is a Reiki Level II Practitioner who studied under multiple Reiki masters and is excited to be a part of the Mystic Bayou team. He is dedicated to bringing Love and Light into the world. Namaste!


Reiki Practitioner

My name is Janet. I'm a licensed esthetician and new reiki practitioner. I have always felt that I was gifted. My sister calls me the "connecting sister" because I keep my siblings together. Family and friends often come to me for comfort, encouragement, and good advice. I was introduced to reiki in 2012 when I received my esthetics license, and I've incorporated those teachings into my work today. I believe I am here to help facilitate healing to the world, one person at a time. Im a soothing spirit with much depth and underlying understanding of the unknown. Let me help you find your way to growing and living a lighter, happier life. I believe love and light is in everything and I am here to show that to the world.


Nancy W.
Reiki Practitioner


Customer Service Lead

Nancy is a full time therapist and part time Reiki practitioner . In 2019 she discovered the benefits of Reiki while exploring spirituality. She received guidance from her niece, and amazing online community and Mystic Bayou. Nancy strengthened her spiritual abilities and practiced energy healing which lead to her love for Reiki. Nancy’s caring heart and calm spirit will create a peaceful Reiki experience for you. She was trained in Reiki by Michelle and Joey from Mystic Bayou and is dedicated to helping others experience the energy of Reiki.

Hi I'm Kendra and my mother and step father own Mystic Bayou. I have been helping out at the shop since we opened in 2017. I have learned a lot about the many products that we have and I provide excellent customer service, because I know the importance of being treated like your welcomed and appreciated.


Jennifer S.
Reiki Master

Hi my name is Jennifer. I am a reiki master, crystal healer and a stay at home mom. I grew up in the new orleans area and just one year ago moved to Slidell with my fiancé and children. After having a near death experience three years ago I gradually was drawn towards reiki. After seeing the many benefits and amazing things Reiki does, I’ve felt compelled to help others and continue on my spiritual journey. I look forward to bringing more love and light into this world, one reiki session at a time

Customer Service

Maddie was born and raised in Bay St. Louis. She loves nature and plans to travel. She takes interest in photography and animals, and also plans to pursue those interests. She started her spiritual journey when she was little but was able to really tap into herself when she turned 18. Maddie is continuing to expand her knowledge for herself and to help others she meets. She has always felt connected to Mother Nature since a young age. Although she is still exploring her spirituality, she brings knowledge and positivity to the Mystic Bayou family. One of her favorite quotes is “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” - Master Oogway