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Mediumship Mentorship

"If you are on the fence about taking this course, this is your sign to sign up. Meeting with Michelle multiple times a week, being able to message her anytime, and then putting in practice in real time (on a schedule) was what I needed. That structure, even if the lessons conform to where you are at that day, really pays off dividends."

Therapy session

AMBER S. "Lawyer"

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I first met Michelle about four years ago when I stumbled into her shop (then in Slidell, LA), after months of looking at it online but being too scared to go in, during a Tarot & Tea event. You drank some tea and Michelle read your tarot cards while you sat on a comfy couch in a relaxed environment. Now, let me tell yall, I am a very logical person by nature and by profession. I was blown away by the accuracy of Michelle’s reading, but more so by her sincerity and kind soul. Needless to say I kept going back to Mystic Bayou for chakra light bed therapy, Reiki healing, aura photography, mediumship galleries…. You name it. Always skeptical at first, eventually I learned to trust myself and listen to Michelle’s guidance.


Fast forward to this year when I decided it was time to use who I already deemed as a mentor and friend, as an actual mentor to help guide me with my gifts. I had never done a course for mediumship and honestly I didn’t even know if I should sign up. In my mind’s eye I thought mediumship was for talking to ghosts. I wasn’t able to do that (or so I thought).


What I loved about the mentorship under Michelle was that it met you where you were. Meaning I showed up to “class” (an easy to schedule Zoom call with Michelle at my convenience and schedule) as I was in my practice. Truth be told all I had been doing was noticing certain sensations in my body, praying on and off, and I had picked up a random book to talk to animals. Michelle was the one to set the lessons for the 6 week course and really point me in the right direction for that moment in time. It wasn’t “Ok I am going to teach you how to talk to a parrot”. It was “Ok today I am going to do some activities, teach you a little history lesson on what we are doing, and then practice it.”


Michelle taught me how to trust my gut and my instincts and not be afraid to just me who I am. This course really did change my life. Of course we touched on cornerstones like the different types of abilities, but she also taught me about meditation which wasn’t some far off zen-like state on a mountain. It was real and attainable right in my office. I noticed myself picking up on signs during walks, drives, and showers. My connection to spirit, my guides, and my self were strengthened and quite honestly, it was like the flood gates opened for me. I become much more peaceful knowing that this energy surrounds us and Michelle taught me how to protect myself in practice (meaning we only practice in love, light, and healing). Daily prayer and mediation is now part of who I am and as a life-long sufferer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, it truly does help. This course really helped me understand who I am and what I am capable of, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Jennifer Slidell,LA

I found my spirit tribe! I visited Mystic Bayou when they first opened in Slidell several years ago and was instantly hooked. So much so, that I drive the extra 25 minutes it takes me to see them in the Bay without thinking twice about it. Michelle, Joey and Kendra are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to answer any questions you might have. I’ve taken many classes with them and absolutely love the feeling of peace that I get when I walk through the doors there. It’s definitely my happy place.

Frank Lovoi LA.

I can’t possibly put into words my experience with Mystic Bayou. I am new to this type of thing and have only done one Reike session and one Crystal Light Therapy. The best way to describe it is , UNBELIEVABLE! Michelle and Joey are tow incredibly talented individuals. Michelle is an awesome psychic medium and is highly skilled in her art as is Joey. The experiences were eye opening and educational. I feel as though they are family and would highly recommend them to anyone. I will be seeing them to further my spiritual education at least monthly if not bi-monthly and will do everything in my power to promote their abilities. A wonderful service like theirs needs to be shared. Thanks Michelle and Joey, y’all have changed my life in ways I can’t repay. I can’t wait for the next session

Peter Dakin LA.

Mystic Bayou is the Tardis of holistic and alternative health stores- bigger in the inside than "it appears to be" on the outside. The amount and quality of fascinating products is truly astonishing. They have a broad array of items at great prices and a warm and helpful staff that makes you feel confident in their knowledge and relaxed by their personalities. It's really a great place to visit where it's almost a certainty you'll find something exciting. Love it!

Marie Schexnaider, MS

Mystic Bayou is the best place to visit if you're looking for mind, body and soul healing. It has something for everyone. The store has the top of the line products. Every class and session I've taken there has had positive effects
I highly recommend them

Luci Sposito

I drive from Louisiana to shop and receive services. Michelle and Joey are great teachers and practitioners. My only complaint is that they need to open a Louisiana location so I don’t have to drive two hours.


My Reki session with Janet was awesome! She was spot on with issues I've been having with my Stomach! I will definitely be back more! And the Oxygen bar is A+

Tori, MS.

Excellent, legit. Phemonal environment.. energy bed is one of a kind.. the energy work & the readings are so accurate, it's a blessing!

Morgan Jake, NY

I had a mediumship reading with Michelle and she knew things that she couldn't possible know! I am a believe and have sent my friends to her, who have all had wonderful experiences

Lisa Baxter, MI

I have taken many of Michelle's classes online when she holds them on Zoom. My favorite is ... ALL OF THEM! I wish I lived closer so that I could come to the classes in person. I'm thankful that she offers some of them online.

Alexa Feldman, CA

A friend told me about Reiki, so while I was on vacation in Bay St Louis, I took the leap of faith and booked a session with Michelle. Wow is all I can say. I felt like I had just lost 500 pounds of heaviness and emotional baggage that I had been carrying around for many years. Whenever I am in town, I always book my Reiki session with Michelle to treat myself with some much needed self care! I highly recommend 

Daniel Stevenson MA

I found Mystic Bayou online while doing a google search for Hypnotist. When I read the about section, I knew that someone who went through as much as this lady has gone through, she had to be very spiritual and strong. I spoke with Michelle over the phone and she explained everything to me in detail about her
hypnosis practice. I could have gone to someone local and in person in Massachusetts, but I really felt comfortable with Michelle. My virtual hypnosis sessions with her have made a huge difference in my life.

April Longfellow AL

WOW... where do I start? 
I live two hours away and will always come to Michelle at Mystic Bayou for my Reiki and Chakra testing and Balancing. She is the real deal. God has given her a beautiful gift.
I think I've tried all of their services...LOL, The salt booth , the oxygen bar, Chi Machine, Ionic and Foot Bath. Please support this beautiful family business. We want them to stay around for a very long time

Rita Landry LA.

I had a huge misconception about what they did at Mystic Bayou! I had heard people at my church saying that what they were doing was not something a " Good Catholic" should partake in.
Let me tell you what, I went into the store to look around, they had cute clothes, nice jewelry and yes they had stones and crystals but they also had scapulars, and rosaries and angel charms. After talking with Michelle I found out that she is catholic too and when she does her Reiki she will call upon Our Lord, and the angels in each session. She uses oracle cards which are not the same as tarot. My experience was beautiful with my reading, and I felt nothing evil just love and compassion. I know that Love and compassion can not come from a space of evil. Please step out of your box and go see Michelle!!!

Brianna LA.

I love Mystic Bayou. I found them in 2020 when they were located in Slidell. Ms. Michelle and Mr. Joey are two of the most loving people I have ever encountered, my favorite thing would have to be the sound healing sessions they offer as well as the drumming circle. I recommend this shop to everyone !

 Brandi MS.

great owners! beautiful store with so much to offer....

Rachel LA.

Michelle and Joey are some of the most amazing people I’ve met! They really make you feel seen and heard and offer great insight on any question you ask. There store always has wonderful new things to look at! I can’t say enough about the healing sessions, crystal singing bowls, and other therapies they offer! Please don’t pass them by

Dixie LA.

Great experience! Beautiful selection of merchandise! The vibe of the place is so calming... from the scents to the music playing! Absolutely loved it and cannot wait to be back!

Athena LA.

Absolutely LOVE visiting and shopping here. Michelle and the staff are so knowledgeable and friendly. Quality service and amazing atmosphere. Can’t wait to shop again!!

Michelle N Joey Denton

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