Level 1

Reiki level 1, teaches the student the basics of energy healing for self and others. Despite all that is accomplished with Reiki, it is a natural process, therefore easy to learn. No prior experience in health care or natural healing is required. The workshops are fun, very casual and beneficial to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Level 2

The Reiki level 2 class teaches the student techniques of distance healing. Also, at this level the student is taught the Reiki symbols.

Level 3

The Reiki level 3 class is the Master/teacher level. At this level the student is taught the attunement process and the basics for teaching Reiki to others. The level 3 attunement is a wonderful experience and is highly recommended even if the student has no desire to ever actually teach Reiki to others.

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    3 hr

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Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

A New Beginning, A New Life , A New You!

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga is a class that will get you familiarized with Kundalini Yoga techniques, such as breathwork, positive mantras/chants and easy gentle movements which can be done by sitting on a yoga mat on the floor or in a chair.



Intuition 101

This class is for beginners. This is a Psychic Development class. It is designed to build your God given- inborn intuitive/ psychic abilities. In this fun and casual atmosphere, you will be introduced to tools that you can use to further your psychic senses. You will discover what your intuitive strengths are and how to build them. This course is a great way to explore and experiment with like-minded people.

Mastering the Intuitive You

Mastering The Intuitive You, is a four week course that will touch on the four main clair sense. The class will meet one day a week for four weeks, on Thursdays.
The course is a journey through the clair senses, touching on many aspects of intuitive awareness.  There  are numerous types of clair senses in different cultures corresponding with physical and intuitive senses.  You will learn what each of the four main clair senses are and how to practice techniques to strengthen them and to use them in everyday circumstances. By the time you have finished this course you will without a doubt know what your psychic abilities are and how to use them!



Why Are Chakra Colors So Important And What Do They Mean?

Explore each class to learn more about the Chakra Colors

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