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Healing Stones

Jade & Tourmaline Bio Mat

Jade & Tourmaline Bio Mat

This mat is a part of the Crystal Light Bed Therapy. It has become scientifically accepted that the release and exposure to negative ions and FIR (far infrared red rays) have positive effects to the health of your body and mind. Negative ions counteract positive ions in the air that can cause harm to your respiratory system and affect your mood or energy levels.  FIR has endless applications when it comes to pain management, chronic fatigue, detoxification, and many other ailments. Those in search of jade and tourmaline were always in search of their healing qualities whether they understood them or not. The allure of the stones lives on today as we are now able to apply scientific practices to harness the positive healing effects offered by jade and tourmaline to find new ways of promoting healthy living. It provides a spa type experience. Relaxes your muscles. Lowers levels of tension and anxiety.  It encourages biosynthesis serotonin, enzymes, and heat shock proteins, and it improves metabolism, blood circulation and immune system. Heated gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions. Increase localized blood circulation. Relieves joint and muscle pain.

Hot stone far infrared therapy helps to fight sickness, detoxify the body, enhance lymphatic drainage, burn fat and control weight. It encourages biosynthesis serotonin, enzymes, and heat shock proteins, and it improves metabolism, blood circulation and immune system. Using this mat at higher temperatures for longer periods of time can reverse hypothermia associated with chronic maladies, cancer, and other serious conditions. The lower temperature sessions will help you to restore healthy sleeping and night rest. 

Our state-of-the-art Far Infrared Therapy Mat produces safe and effective heating pads and mats using centuries-old healing wisdom. Far infrared rays (FIR) and negative ions from jade & tourmaline stones have been known to: Relieve pain in the muscles, joints, nerves and bones reduce tension, stress, anxiety, and depression help stimulate fat loss and reduce the build-up of free radicals in the body help remove toxins, cleanse the liver and kidneys, and eliminate built-up waste throughout the digestive system. They also are reported to improve immune system function, enhancing the body’s natural ability to prevent or reverse sickness and disease improve youthful vigor, energy and stamina using the finest jade & tourmaline stones. This mat produces the highest-level output of negative ion molecules (the core of this energy healing technology), more than 700 in jade and over 1500 in tourmaline. 

Negative ions are found in most natural outdoor settings, such as waterfalls, oceans, beaches, lakes and mountain areas, which is why we feel so invigorated when we visit these areas. These healing mats are the most convenient way to boost exposure to negative ions. Jade stone comes with its own unique detoxifying qualities as it naturally releases far infrared rays, which possess powerful healing properties as they penetrate deep within the body. 

The mat protects you from the harmful electromagnetic fields. It conducts negative ions directly to the body through the surface of the skin to alkalize blood and quickly restore the natural electrical field of organs and cells. It relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression, relaxes and will bring you the feeling of well-being. It provides professional therapeutic results and recovery at home in natural way without medicinal side effects. 

1st annual Open House ( 1 year anniversary in the Bay)
Nov 11, 2021, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST
Bay St. Louis,
295 US-90, Bay St Louis, MS 39520, USA

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