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The Shaman Way

“Rhythmic drumming is used in shamanic ceremonies to induce a state of trance. During the altered state of consciousness caused by drumming you may feel either energized or relaxed. 

Shamanic Meditation Every Tuesday night 745-815 At Mystic Sanctuary (next door to mystic b

Join Jen Drinkard as she take you through beautiful Shamanic Meditations and Journeys

Shamanic Drumming Meditation

Shamanic Meditation:

Shamanic Meditation is the first step to opening your awareness to what's beyond the obvious world around you. It's the basis of all intuitive work. Learning this meditation can open so many doors to health, spirituality, and awareness. Join us once a week to practice for a half hour experience. This is a Pay-What-You-Can Donation class.

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Shamanic Drumming Journey

Shamanic Drumming Journey:

Shamanic Drumming Journeys are entries to the worlds beyond this world. In Shamanic Traditions we believe that there are three worlds, and the drum is used to send the participants to one of those realms. This is an experience! Come check it out for yourself and see what happens. This is a $20 dollar group session.

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